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Public Transport in Hong Kong

Hong Kong has a world-class transport system, with an efficient bus and train (the MRT) system, an abundance of taxis which are very reasonably priced and the majestic trams and ferries. Here’s the lowdown of the public transport system.

Buses and MTR trains

The coverage around Hong Kong and the outlying islands by bus and MTR is fantastic and extremely cheap. Many of those moving to Hong Kong will be pleasantly surprised to find out that the MTR is air-conditioned! Both buses and trains arrive and leave from stops frequently and on time until the early hours.

The Trams

Hong Kong’s tram system provides a spectacularly novel mode of getting around Hong Kong, be it going out at night or going to work in the morning.


Taxis in Hong Kong are plentiful, and very cheap. The most common ‘Red Taxis’ cost HK$15 to start with, and the fare increases by HK$1.40 per 0.2km, or by HK$1.40 for every one minute of waiting time.

The first thing to do when arriving in Hong Kong is to buy an Octopus Card. For a small deposit (HK$50), this card allows you to use the ferry, the MTR and the bus network in Hong Kong.

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