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Short term Accommodation in Hong Kong

Expats looking to live in Hong Kong may have to begin their stay in short-term accommodation. This can be an expensive option so it is good to understand why expats choose short-term accommodation and what to look out for.

Expect to pay for it

Short-term accommodation is not cheap. You should expect to pay anything from HKD40,000 to HKD100,000 per month, depending on the level of extravagance that you go for. It is possible to find discounts out there, and sites like can help you find them. Though serviced apartments are expensive, they are often cheaper than staying in a hotel, and give you a slightly more homely feel. Also, choosing to go for a serviced apartment also allows you more time to decide where you would like to live in Hong Kong.

Be careful

The objective with renting short-term accommodation is to have flexibility. Make sure you have this in any contract you sign or agreement you enter in to. Using a reputable Booking agent can avoid any early complications in this regard.

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